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With the right preparation, your body can be optimally fertile for easy conception and healthy baby 

It's wise to learn to listen to your body's cues, to address areas of imbalance, and prep yourself for optimal fertility before you start trying to conceive. 

You can avoid the "am I pregnant yet" monthly emotional rollercoaster. You can set your future baby up for lifelong health.

So many couples have a hard time conceiving. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We haven't been taught how to listen to our bodies, to understand what our cycles are telling us about our fertility. Many of us have spent years on birth control, masking and ignoring symptoms that may indicate a hormonal imbalance that can affect our fertility. Or we just accept these symptoms as "normal'.

We can be taken by surprise once we start trying to conceive, to learn that something is subtly out of whack.

The good news is that you can bring yourself into hormonal balance and optimize your fertility naturally, to increase your chances of conceiving and to support a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Boost your fertility before you start trying and increase your chances of successfully conceiving easily. I call it a "premester" - a trimester ahead of your first trimester of pregnancy. 

It's like taking time to tend to the soil and prep the garden before planting. It can help you avoid unnecessary heartache and wasted time, and make your life easier so you can get pregnant faster. 

There’s a lot you can do to boost your own fertility.  

What it takes is addressing your fertility holistically, completely, from the ground up.

  • You need a roadmap
  • You need science-backed strategies that are proven to positively affect your fertility.
  • You need clear action steps that are easy to understand and implement. 
  • You need an affordable, convenient plan and support from a friendly expert.
  • You need....

The Becoming Mama Premester Plan

  • Take control and learn how to boost your fertility naturally 
  • Balance your hormones
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Support detoxification
  • Regulate your immune system
  • Boost your egg quality

I'll walk you through the plan step-by-step and as a result, your egg quality, hormonal balance, and body will be in prime condition for pregnancy.

How does this program work?

  • This is a monthly membership program that you can cancel at any time or once you're pregnant
  • Each step of the way I'll walk you through the relevant research, why it's important and impacts your fertility, and give you key action steps and strategies for you to take
  • Most videos are 10 minutes or less so they'll fit into your busy life
  • With cheatsheets and printouts to make it easy for you

Within this program are the strategies I've used to help my clients get pregnant and become mamas.

Here's what my clients are saying:

If you are thinking about trying to get pregnant soon and want to prime yourself for an easy conception and healthy pregnancy, I created this program for you.

Is This Program For Me?

If you want science-backed and clinically-proven strategies that are clear, simple, and easy to implement to take charge of your fertility, cover all your bases, boost your egg quality, balance your hormones, maximize your fertility, so you can get pregnant. This program is for you.

How Do I Know If It's A Good Fit?

This program isn't a good fit for you if you're not willing to make changes to your lifestyle emotionally, physically and nutritionally.

Can I guarantee you'll get pregnant?

I wish I could, but fertility is complex and there are no guarantees (don't trust anyone who says otherwise). However, I CAN guarantee that you'll gain strategies that have been scientifically and clinically proven to significantly improve your chances of pregnancy.

The investment in this program is only $47 a month.

Katie Altneu

Katie Altneu

Womens Holistic Health Expert, Fertility Specialist, L.Ac. MSOM

Katie is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and holistic women's health expert, as well as the founder and clinic director of The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine, LLC. 

She believes every woman needs to know what she can do at home, on her own, to preserve and enhance her fertility, optimally prepare for a healthy pregnancy and baby, and feel her best. There's so much you can do! And in fact, what you do at home on a daily basis is far more impactful than what happens occasionally in a doctors office. You have so much power.

She's used this information to help thousands of women feel their best, get pregnant and become mothers. She's scoured the research and honed these methods over the years, is blown away by how powerful and effective they are and has put them online so they're easily accessible to those who need it. 

Course Includes

25 Videos

4 Multimedia

2 Texts

14 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Bonus: Healthy Pregnancy Guide